One of a kind week

The week was one of a kind as we had an opportunity to attend to one of the program which was organized by the American space and hosted by Dr Thomas. iIn the meeting he discussed issues that affected the 2007-2008 elections and also how politicians use students in their campaigns. The American Space is a resource center form the American embassy that aims at improving the relationship between US and the Kenyan community and also giving students opportunity to various activities.
More to that is that Students will soon have more opportunities to enjoy improved and renovated facilities. This is after the acting VIce Chancellor informed us that plans are on going to re-brand moi.

However, with all the good news an  opportunities  the semester was disrupted due to the previous lecturers strike and for the lost time to be recovered, the semester was extend to June.  The examination time table is out hence students are encouraged to adequately prepare for the exams and ensure that school fees is cleared before the date of issuing out exam cards. 


University life as a PSSP student 

Moi university is one many other universities that offer evening classes for private sponsored students program PSSP. being a student under PSSP program has being challenging to most of us students. 

When it come to monetary issues,  it is not a cheap feat because of the high amount of school fees that we are require to pay and more to that we need to save up some coins for our daily expenses. Other are parent and have children who need to be paid for school fees.

In the issue of  time management, it has also been another challenge considering that most of us are working during the day and expected to be in class by 5pm ready for lectures. To us who work away from Nairobi it has been hard to make it to class on time. 

Assignments and their deadlines pose a great challenge due to lack of enough time to do our research and because of this, when we are supposed to be a sleep is when we make use of the time to do our research to make sure that we meet the deadline which becomes unhealthy.

All the challenges  we face results to too much pressure and stress which results to feelings of helplessness and may lead to dropping out. 

synchronization of the exam timetable

yesterday the  examination dates  for moi university Nairobi campus were   re-scheduled from to the 5th June 2017 to 12th June 2017.

According to the new almanac for march-June semester, the examinations were indicated to begin on 5th June 2017 and end on 23rd June 2017, but this dates have been re-scheduled to begging on 12th June 2017 and end on 22nd June 2017. In an email which was sent to the information science class by information science department coordinator, he explained that the reasons for changing the dates was in order to synchronize Nairobi campus and the main campus exams.

students are advised to use the email as official communication about the exams dates and re-schedule their time accordingly. they are also advised to adequately prepare for the exams through doing thorough revision.

 American corner  Program by Dr. Thomas.

Today at moi university Nairobi campus,  students had an opportunity to listen to one of the program which was organized by the American space. The topic of  discussion was lessons from ICC intervention in kenya: legal and political issues hosted by Dr. Thomas O. Hansen

Dr. Thomas mentioned that media at a times contribute to violence and to avoid this, the media should practice responsible journalism he also added that legacy of impunity was the course of the 2007-2008 election violence

It is noted that most of the university students are normally influenced politically by the Kenyan politicians,hence the need to train students on the negative effects of being used by this politicians. It i clear that comparing to previous elections students would no want to be used anymore because what they can afford now is to have peace, unity and love. students have  vowed they would no longer be used by politicians to gain political mileage while they are left nursing injuries during violent rallies.

Moi University partnership with ‘Jua golf cheza golf ‘

Moi University Nairobi campus has partnered with ‘jua golf cheza golf’ in order to allow students to learn and play golf . A meeting to brief the students about the  will be held on 19th may 2017 at room 805 starting from 2.30 pm.

Apart from moi university,there are also other campuses that have partnered with the club an d they include Kenyatta University, KCA, Riara, Zetech Daystar ,MKU, PUEA, St.pauls, Africa Nazareen, TUK, JKUAT and Catholic Universiy. To be a member of this golf club students are expected to pay a registration fee of ksh. 6000 before 26th may 2017



Re-branding Moi university

As he promised, Prof. Ayiro has already started re-branding moi university. In a meeting with students at Nairobi campus,he stressed on the importance of improving facilities within moi university since  facilities affect health, behavior, engagement, learning, and growth in achievement. Thus, without adequate facilities and resources, it is extremely difficult to serve large numbers of students with complex needs.

In less than one year in the office, V.C Pro.Ayiro has noted that at the main campus there is  inadequate and poorly maintained halls and accommodation facilities. The hostels are currently undergoing renovation to fit modern hostels. He also said that there will be a construction of an amphitheater to fit six thousand sits and a lecture theater to fit five hundred sits. The construction of perimeter wall is ongoing .

Male Hostel at Moi University Main Campus

He noted that students are faced with the challenge of accessing results an also having to queue for long at the finance office in order to present their school fees receipt from bank. In regard to this, the systems will be automated in such a way that students can access their transcript online from anywhere without presenting themselves physically at the campus and also once they pay their school fees, it will be automatically reflected in the accounts office.

A week that was

It has been a week full of activities for us,  some were encouraging and others were of displeasure to us. It began with changing of the semester almanac which was affected by the long lecturers strike, then a one on one meeting with the Vice Chancellor who delivered strong and encouraging messages . We also faced a challenge of network breakdown but was immediately addressed. 

After expressing our concern on the changes made to the almanac due to the long lecturers stike, our Vice Chancellor Profesor Laban Ayiro reacted to our grievances and said the matter will be looked into, hence we should expect positive results since for Private Sponsored Students, the learning process should be continuous. 

We were challenged in a meeting held on Wednesday, where Prof. Ayiro shared his life history and the challenges he faced for him to be the man he is today. He stated that it was not easy for him to access education due to financial problems and also coming from kibera slums. That did not shutter him from achieving his goals as through his determination, hardwork and moral values he has made it to the man he is today. He encouraged us that for us for us to make it in life, we need moral values which should be defined by our character. 

Being a student is not all about attending classes and doing exams as stated by Prof. Ayiro, it also involves engaging in other co-curricular activities and this is evident in moi since on 12th and 13th May Moi University Students Organisation (MUSO)  has organised a tournament for inter-campus competition and on 20th may there will be Oloolua forest adventure 

With the new technology , everything is almost going digital and it the case of moi resource center ,most information is accesed  using the computer which is connected  to the internet. The big question is,  is the physical library dying? On Thursday we experienced a network breakdown where the main link from surver was disconnected as they were doing some upgrade to their system. It was challenging to us because we could not access information using both cabled and wireless network. The problem was immediately addressed and on Friday morning the main link was reconnected and student were back to their daily activities.